Private Schools Give Students the Tools to Succeed

Private Schools Give Students the Tools to Succeed

Schools in Toronto Promote Values for Life


Toronto’s top private schools offer more than just academic education: the best of these schools help to instill core values in their students. Of course, parents who consider enrolling their children in a private school want to ensure that they are fully prepared for all of the challenges they will face in the future, at university and beyond.  As we know, academic strength is just one aspect of a successful life. Good private schools transcend the aim of building an impressive academic record and a satisfying career path, and help to lay the foundation for a happy and successful life.


The best private schools in the GTA offer a comprehensive program that tailors learning to each individual student. Helping each pupil grow into a well-rounded individual with a sense of personal and social responsibility, confidence, leadership skills, and a working knowledge of technology, will ensure that all graduates are ready for whatever challenges life will give them.


Skills, Strengths, and Values


A private school should work to develop the following characteristics in students:



   Effective communication skills

   Problem solving skills

   Analytical thinking

   Self-directed learning


Each private or prep school also has core values that reflect their philosophy. For example, a school may focus on respect for self, for others, and for the community. Service to the greater community is also a core value for many Toronto private schools, and alumni of these schools often serve on boards or committees of organizations that make our world a better place. Other values that private schools emphasize may include integrity, responsibility, tolerance, knowledge, and more. If you send your child to a school that cherishes the same values that your family holds dear, you and your child’s teachers will be creating a powerful partnership to guide their worldview.


The Private School Approach


Each private school is unique, and alumni often feel a strong bond with their "alma mater.” Private school is the place where students make friends for life. How do the best private schools foster this type of connection? The answer to this question is as varied as the number of schools in the GTA, but there are some characteristics that most independent schools share. Where public schools may have very large classes, for example, private schools often strive for a low student-teacher ratio. This is one of the best ways to help students engage in the classroom, join in discussions, and participate in activities. Teachers are also better able to pinpoint where the strengths and weaknesses of each student lie. As a result, parents and teachers can work together to help each child overcome their personal learning obstacles.



Private schools also offer enrichment outside the academic realm. Participation in school activities, clubs, and athletic programs aids in the development of leadership, sportsmanship, and long-lasting positive relationships. Some students discover a passion for design, robotics, a sport, or other extra-curricular activity, that strengthens every aspect of their lives. In addition, the sense of "belonging” – first to the school, and then to a club or team -- can help to give students the confidence they need.


Explore the values of private schools in Toronto, and discover the many advantages they can offer to your child.


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